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sign-up and engage with this process of mine and you will discover, in a genuinely revelatory experience, a deeper understanding of how the lens of the camera relates, on a psychic level, to facets of your inner self

actors who have already partaken of .thecloseup. with me talk of it as having been a life-changing experience

do it, and together we explore the fundamentals of this craft of acting for the lens; truths attested to by the greatest of screen actors

by sharing with you this understanding i too have acquired over the course of thirty years of directing actors for stage and camera, i will give you the wherewithal to become a more effective and better screen actor, no less

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pressed on what it is exactly that i do i can only say that i don't know ... for how can i, when i haven't even met you yet?

for .thecloseup. is about you, not me

and i do not teach as such, though, in the natural course of the sessions, i touch on the relevance of frame size, camera movement, procedures on set, crossing the line and, not least, the significance of your responsibilities in regard to continuity of action but there are countless places where all such business can be learnt

rather i direct; you

you will find, i release you:

in .thecloseup. i introduce you to something deeply profound in the game and there is no reason why what you discover with me will not enable you to become a better actor on screen than even you ever thought you could be ...

you will not find, anywhere in the world, any other director, academy or coach taking this completely original path of understanding