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the basic two: ‘group’ and ‘private’

the ‘group’ setup

  • three days, 10 to 5, with a one hour break for lunch
    n.b. it is completely counter-productive, and therefore unacceptable, to attend for anything less than the full three days

  • the camera and sound equipment i bring and operate myself but what i do need to have provided is a flat-screen tv monitor (optimum, 82cm/32ins) in a reasonable-sized room with natural daylight

  • the maximum number of actors i work with is ten, ideally eight, minimum four

  • all you, the actor, need to do is bring along one piece of learnt duologue, no more than a page in length, where your character should have more to say (one of the other actors attending will read the other part, off-camera) … this could be scene from film or theatre, be one you about to audition, interview for, or simply be one you like but, very important, it shouldn’t be a scene you have already played on the stage … if you haven’t one, i can provide a scene

  • we review your work as we go

  • english is the spoken language throughout, whichever country we’re in


the ‘private’ arrangement

  • this is the special, much more focused affair where i work with just two actors over two days

  • this, in all honesty, is much the best and most rewarding option, the one i would suggest you take up, simply because, as you would expect, the personal attention you get is of a different order

  then, extra

the ‘follow-through’ option

  • this is for actors who have already engaged with .thecloseup. process of mine, and who now want to take it further

  • once the doors of perception have opened, a change in an actor's relationship with the camera is inevitable, and the desire for further enlightenment is difficult to resist

  • i am delighted to report that virtually every actor who does .thecloseup. wants to ‘follow-through’

  • these sessions are concentrated affairs where I work with just two actors at a time, in the ‘private’ mode, over two days