skype sessions on offer ...

for actors who have already engaged with my process in these masterclasses, i regularly give skype consultations, immediately before an important casting or self-taping situation.

just email me the sides a day before our session and then, ahead of your meeting with fate, we can then work for an hour (plus) on the scene(s) you need to present.

come the day, you will find yourself tremendously advantaged, not only because we will have put a dynamic shape on 'a staging' but you will discover you've acquired a sense of assurance that will make all the difference to how you are perceived.

the fact is, i am very pleased to say, more often than not actors do get cast following such a session with me!

just one example:

In the year and a half since I first did one of David's masterclasses, he and I have Skyped on several occasions, ahead of my need to self-tape. Now, in the last couple of months, I am absolutely certain not at all unrelated to these sessions, I have found myself shooting with Rutger Hauer, Hugh Jackson and Christopher Walken! … I would Skype with David, if I were you!!

Rune Temte, April 2015

the deal:

you pay me £75 for the consultation then, if/when you get cast, a further ‘resolution’ fee of £250 is due. Naturally, if it’s a low-budget production, we can review the ‘resolution’ bit.